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Students who enroll at the MCFS take the following courses:

  • ENEC 204 : Seminar in marine issues. (2 hours)
  • ENEC 698 : Capstone (3 hours)
  • ENEC 395 : Research in Environmental Science and Studies for Undergraduates (3 hours) (or Honors Thesis Research 694H)
  • ENEC 471: Human Impacts on Estuarine Processes (4 hours)
  • ENEC 472: Coastal and Estuarine Ecology (4 hours)

Coursework for this field site would be particularly suitable for students pursuing a concentration area in Ecology, Earth System Science, Marine Science, Physical Sciences, and Environment and Health.  The progream is open to all Carolina undergraduates, however, and serves to satisfy the CURE Course requirements for undergraduate graduation at UNC Chapel Hill!

Students typically spend 2 days a week in classes, 2 days at internships with local institutions or conducting independent research projects with UNC, NC State, or Duke University faculty, and 1 day on field excursions.

For an example of a Capstone project, click here.