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Upcoming Workshop

July 2021

COVID-19 Wastewater Surveillance, Theory, Training, and New Method Development

The Molecular Training Facility founded by Rachel Noble and Denene Blackwood and the Noble Laboratory, is dedicated to teaching students and professionals in the area of application of rapid molecular diagnostics in environmental science. We are dedicated to training (including intensive hands-on training) of individuals in the areas of:

  • ddPCR and qPCR Theory and Application
  • Conducting qPCR to fulfill MIQE guidelines
  • QA/QC Procedures for successful qPCR
  • qPCR Proficiency Testing
  • Analysis of water samples using qPCR-based rapid quantification for Enterococci and E. coli
  • Analysis of water samples using the USEPA recommended method for qPCR-based quantification of Enterococci in recreational water
  • Real world sample processing and analysis: Collection to result interpretation
  • Critical issues related to sample processing and DNA purification
  • Identification and troubleshooting of inhibition of qPCR
  • Analyzing data and reporting results for qPCR
  • Training on a range of available qPCR platforms
  • Information on side by side comparisons of qPCR to culture-based methods and development of alternate methods approaches for EPA and FDA
  • State of the art discussion on implementation of source tracking methods for use in managing recreational waters

We conduct workshops, training and research projects based on need, so if you have a need to apply, develop, implement, or interpret results from rapid molecular diagnostics in environmental samples and difficult matrices (wastewater discharge, shellfish) please contact us at